Fav Foto Friday #29

Fav Foto FridayFav Foto Friday is an opportunity to share each Friday, on your own blog, one photo…or maybe even a gallery of some of your favorite photos that you have taken during the week, that make you smile or that was a great photo capturing opportunity…anything really!  And as photographers are often known to say, “The best camera is, the one that you have with you!”

Whether you are a pro-photographer or just venturing into photography…or maybe you are like me and just whip out your cell phone when you are going about your day…take those photos and share them! Feel free to add any camera info and shooting info that you may have on your photos as well.

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This week’s edition of Fav Foto Friday are some photos from this past weekend. I was asked by a good friend of mine from church if I could talk about pets to her daughter’s Brownie troop so they could earn their pet badge and without hesitation I immediately said yes!! I love her girls and I am always up for talking about animals.

It was decided that maybe the ferrets and my sugar gliders could be enough excitement and yet still manageable. So all last week I was actually very excited about this little venture! My dorkiness took over and I created informative handouts about ferrets and sugar gliders for the girls. And then Saturday morning I packed up my nine ferrets and headed over to my church (thankfully only 5 minutes away!) to get all my ‘kids’ set up before the girls showed up.

It was such a fun morning!! For myself, the girls and the ferrets especially! The sugar gliders might have been a bit overwhelmed with all the new smells and such…but were good little critters and all the girls loved having a chance to hold the bonding pouch against their tummies and quiet and calm Mr. Crabby Pants.

My friend’s youngest daughter (pictured here) was especially brave and excited about the whole day. She loved all the animals and was so good with them! I’m sensing a kindred spirit in this little one, which endeared me to her even more!

And just cause I love her little giggle…this is a video of her laughing cause…

“Ferrets tickle!”

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Critter Corner Sweet Cuteness

Critter CornerThought I would share some critter cuteness from this past weekend.

Back in the end of August, I mentioned that we sorta kinda ended up with two new additions to The Menagerie…2 baby sugar gliders, Gumdrop and Skittles.

Pretty much every day since then, they have been spending a couple of hours (or more) each day with me in a bonding pouch, learning my smell and getting to know me. They also learn to get used to being handled and to know I am not going to hurt them. They are very little critters after all and humans seem like giants to them…so it takes a little while from them to learn to trust you. Being able to have them with me during the day though is pretty cool…they come with me running errands and to pet sitting visits or when we go out to do things in the afternoon or early evening.

Sugar gliders are nocturnal animals, so most of the day they spend sleeping, which makes for the perfect situation for them to hang out in a bonding pouch for a few hours during the day getting used to me, even while they are sleeping. And then they wake up in the evenings and are up and about and ready to play.

Anyway, this past weekend they got their first ever mini-marshmallow treat (only a very occasional treat for sugar gliders) and ended up taking this video cause they were just so darn cute enjoying their marshmallows! Love how they hold it in their little tiny hands!

Hope you enjoyed watching this sugar-y cuteness of Critter Corner. Feel free to join in and share your critter tales, adventures and photos and include the tag #CritterCorner. I am a sucker for a animal cute face or a funny animal story!

Tuesday Tidbits…New Additions

Today’s Tuesday Tidbits focuses on our weekend activities…we accidentally, on purpose, added a few more little critters, to our not so small menagerie of animals.

The accidental part, was that we went to a local fair (which ended up being a different fair than we thought we were going to)…but it turned out to be a very nice accident.

I am a country girl at heart who is trapped living in the city. Not a huge city, but bigger than I would like. Thankfully, where we live, is kind of in the woods, so most of the time I can pretend that I am isolated in the woods somewhere and not like 5 minutes from civilization.

This time of year, I especially, look forward to our little adventures to various agricultural fairs in the area and this past weekend was the first of our yearly fair circuit. Continue reading