Tuesday Tech Tidbits

Dead-iPad-BatteryAs a techie introvert, I enjoy my electronic toys…and I like to make sure that they will always be charged in case of an unavoidable social situation.

I have friends that will say things like ‘my iPhone is about to die’ or ‘my iPad is dead’…and it always baffles me?!?!  Did you not charge it?? Don’t you have a charger in your car?? Why would you let you phone or tablet get that close to be being dead?? I just don’t get it!?!?

Of course, there is that little problem of iPhone/iPad vs. Android…but that is a whole other ball of wax…

I plug my ‘stuff ‘in when I’m not using it…and sometimes even when I am using it. I do not want to be caught in a situation where my ‘source of amusement’ is dead and now I actually have to talk to someone.

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