Fav Foto Friday #2

Fav Foto Friday2Here are a couple of my ‘Fav Foto Friday’ selections for this week.


This little guy was hanging out earlier this week in our front yard…with Momma keeping a close watch on him. I think it was ‘learning to fly time’ cause he was in the grass for like 2 days. Hoping around from place to place or curling up and sleeping against the stonewall. All the while momma was perched in the tree nearby and would come down and feed him/her.

Baby Robin

Baby Robin

Then earlier this summer, I also got the opportunity to ‘meet’ 2 other fledgling babies. One of which I think flew into a window and landed in the front yard. He seemed to have one swollen eye and was a little off balance. I was worried that he would not be safe on the ground overnight so I did put him in a little carrier for the night and he made it til morning…which made me happy. But then I left him in the crate with the door open, in the grass where he had landed, but at some point during the day he ended up dying. Which broke my heart! Such a sweet little thing…but I think he just hit the window too hard and probably gave himself a little birdie concussion 🙁 Continue reading

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-awardHey Dear Readers!

I am so excited and blessed to be nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Thank you so much to the lovely Elisabeth at A Little Bit of Everything A Whole Lot of Nothin’ for nominating me. Go check out her blog, you will not be disappointed.

Here are the rules: 

    1. Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you.
    2. Answer the ten questions your nominator has provided.
    3. Nominate 10 other bloggers.
    4. Create ten new questions for your nominees to answer.

Everythingandnothin’s questions: Continue reading

Wednesday Organization Frenzy

OrganizationI don’t know what has gotten into me today?!?! I have been so productive!!! And I only had a small cup of coffee this morning with breakfast?!

Apparently, all my blog reading and Pinterest browsing has sparked an organizing frenzy today. Or maybe this is what happens when you keep Gnomes inside (check out my previous Gnome Obsession posts here and here), which if that is the case, I think I will be adding those gnomes that are sitting on my Amazon wishlist to the family!! 😉

Or maybe it is just that I have had enough of the clutter and unorganized state of things…. Continue reading

Tuesday Tidbits…Gnome Obsession Part 2…

2015-07-28 16.58.22framedIt seems I may have ‘forgotten’ about a fourth gnome who happened to jump into my Amazon cart a few days ago and showed up at my door today.

I had ordered a few other organizational supplies shortly after my gnome shopping spree in hopes of getting to organizing some of my kitchen cabinets. So when I arrived home from work today there were a couple of boxes waiting for me. I proceeded to bring them upstairs and started to get excited to start the kitchen cabinet organization project…but there was one box that had a plain box inside of it.

(To the packers of boxes around the world…why do you do that?? Just stick a label on the first box people!)

For a moment I was hopeful that it was the third little guy I was waiting on…yet, while I was opening the box I was having a running conversation in my head, “Weird…this gnome is from the same company as the first one, but is in a plain brown box…weird!” Continue reading

Monday Musings…Gnomes a New Obsession

Ruh rho…I may have just unintentionally created a new gnomes obsession…

Obsessed with GnomesTotally, minding my own business the other day, preoccupied, for probably longer than I realized, on Pinterest…I stumbled over an adorable knitted gnome…that naturally, had me searching Ravelry (where more uncounted moments of my time disappeared) for more cute knitted gnome patterns…which then led me back down the rabbit trail to Pintrest and before I knew what was happening, I had created a secret Gnome board (a secret board…cause maybe a Gnomes obsession is weird?!?) with lots of little adorable gnome pins added. Next thing you know I have opened Amazon up in another browser window and lo and behold, 3 (count them…one, two & three!!) adorable gnomes jumped in my cart and started arriving at my house yesterday!! How does this happen?!?! Continue reading

Sunday Snippets of Inspiration #1

InspireAs Blogging 101 wraps up, I am continuing to apply various things from the assignments to my blog and one of the latest assignments was to create a regular feature in order to give you, dear readers, a reason to keep coming back 🙂

As a result of this assignment, I have come up with a few different possible ideas for regular features that I would like to incorporate in some fashion. One such idea is Sunday Snippets of Inspiration. Who wouldn’t benefit from an inspiring scripture or quote or song to remind us that there is still good in this world?

For the past 10-plus years I have been earning a living by running a small pet sitting company which involves lots of time spent in the car driving from one customer’s house to another…so I tend to have lots of ‘free’ time to think about ‘life’ while I am driving. Continue reading

Saturday Smile…Happy Birthday Sawyer Brown!

smile1Responding to a new weekly feature I found over on Feeding on Folly, Saturday Smile. How can one resist such a cheerful prompt?!?

Well, today just happens to be one of my dogs birthday…and so, of course, he makes me smile! And since my plan is to spend some extra time with him today, it is only fitting that I share his adorable face with all of you! Continue reading

Favorite Foto Friday Weekly Event

Day 15 of Blogging 101 and our assignment is to develop a regular feature for your blog…and I have been thinking of doing this all along in the hopes of being able to create content regularly…so this assignment is perfect!

I have a few ideas for features…but one that I think will definitely be fun to do, especially since I enjoy taking photos of random things that catch my eye throughout the day, would be a “Favorite Foto Friday.”Fav Foto Friday2

Over the last few years, I have increasingly become more interested in photography. Thanks to the ever evolving technology of cell phones with better and better technology and built in cameras, it is so easy to just whip out your cell phone and take pictures of whatever inspires you throughout your day…especially since I very seldom actually use my phone as a phone!

Continue reading

Image Reboot – Raccoon

For the last few years, I have been slowly getting into photography, or at very least, I have been enjoying taking photos of all kinds of things that catch my eye throughout the day, with my cell phone camera. Cell phone cameras continue to get better and better all the time and my last few phones (I seem to have a bit of an affinity for the Samsung brand…so I have had the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & 4, as well as the Samsung S4 & S5)…all of which have respectable cameras! And as many photographers are fond of saying, “the best camera is, the one you have with you.” And these days, it seems everyone has a cell phone with them…hence, my journey into photography 🙂

Earlier this year, I decided it was time to get a ‘big girl’ camera and purchased my first DSLR camera (Nikon D5300)…and I have been having a blast getting to know my camera and also teaching myself how to do some photo editing with Adobe Lightroom. So when today’s Blogging101 assignment was to get out into the blogosphere and find a blogging event and participate in the next round. I ended up stumbling across an Image Reboot event, Continue reading

Generation XYZ…and who am I?

In response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt Generation XYZ

It is funny that this should be a writing prompt … as I was creating my About Me page I actually identified myself as a “GenX-er with Millennial tendencies.”  I grew up in the 70s and 80s.  I consider myself a ‘child of the 80s’ because those are the things I can remember…yet there is photographic evidence of me (and some of my siblings) definitely being ‘children of the 70s.’

Bucky Covington’s song A Different World comes to mind whenever I think about growing up in such a different time…a different world.

Continue reading