Fav Foto Friday #2

Fav Foto Friday2Here are a couple of my ‘Fav Foto Friday’ selections for this week.


This little guy was hanging out earlier this week in our front yard…with Momma keeping a close watch on him. I think it was ‘learning to fly time’ cause he was in the grass for like 2 days. Hoping around from place to place or curling up and sleeping against the stonewall. All the while momma was perched in the tree nearby and would come down and feed him/her.

Baby Robin

Baby Robin

Then earlier this summer, I also got the opportunity to ‘meet’ 2 other fledgling babies. One of which I think flew into a window and landed in the front yard. He seemed to have one swollen eye and was a little off balance. I was worried that he would not be safe on the ground overnight so I did put him in a little carrier for the night and he made it til morning…which made me happy. But then I left him in the crate with the door open, in the grass where he had landed, but at some point during the day he ended up dying. Which broke my heart! Such a sweet little thing…but I think he just hit the window too hard and probably gave himself a little birdie concussion 🙁

Then shortly, after the first baby bird’s visit, we came home to a baby woodpecker sitting on our deck. He did look fine…just learning to fly, I think…and there were grown ups around. My only concern was that for most of the day our deck is entirely in the sun…so I did move him to the base of the tree where I had seen other woodpeckers feeding young ones. My last view of him, he was climbing up the tree towards home. I couldn’t manage to watch any longer, as it was probably only a week or so after the first little one passed and didn’t think my heart could take it if I saw this little one not make it too.

Although we live about 5 minutes from a pretty good sized city…our home is sort of back in the woods with a river running through our backyard, where you can almost imagine you are out in the country some where…which is the only reason I have manage to live here for so long…cause I can pretend I am living some place else. I am so blessed to have known these tiny visitors…even just for a little bit!

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4 comments on “Fav Foto Friday #2

  1. Shafali says:

    It’s great to see a fledgling fly for the first time. The mom usually sits on a perch and watches. Letting the fledgling learn. Another experience that I can never forget is that of a butterfly coming out of the chrysalis. It was incredible!

  2. Aww, how sweet. I hope I am fortunate to witness such sight one day.

    • Sandy Hogan says:

      I hope so too!! It really is sweet to watch (assuming all is well)…but even the injured ones sometimes make it. They are sweet souls though regardless 🙂

  3. shambo9 says:

    Wow! It must have been a beautiful morning. I, too enjoy watching birds chirping around my house every morning. But, I’m yet to see any fledgling. All are grownups. I used to feed them with grinded dry corns. Seems to be their favourite. I really enjoy reading your morning encounter. See you again.

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