Fav Foto Friday #17

Fav Foto FridayShare each Friday, on your own blog, one photo…or maybe even a gallery of some of your favorite photos that you have taken during the week, that make you smile or that was a great photo capturing opportunity…anything really!  And as photographers are often known to say, “The best camera is, the one that you have with you!”

Whether you are a pro-photographer or just venturing into photography…or maybe you are like me and just whip out your cell phone when you are going about your day…take those photos and share them! Feel free to add any camera info and shooting info that you may have on your photos as well.

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This week’s edition of Fav Foto Friday is another photo from one of favorite pastimes since I got my ‘big girl camera,’ which is taking photos of the birds out at my bird feeders. Who knew bird watching could be so much fun?!? I find it so much fun being able to zoom in and see these little ones up close. I love being able to see the expressions on their faces as they stop by for a quick snack. I especially love these littles ones, the tufted titmouse. They have the cutest little faces!



Fav Foto Friday Titmouse in the Rain

Hope you have enjoyed today’s Fav Foto Friday selections! Join me and share some of your favorite images! Don’t forget to tag your post #favfotofriday.

5 comments on “Fav Foto Friday #17

  1. Nena says:

    Great photo!! You captured a beautiful bird alongside your lovely bird feeder:) Definitely puts a smile on your face.

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